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Premiere at The Sulatto Festival 2008


Maria de Buenos Aires is tango operita composed by Astor Piazzolla and based on a text by argentine poet Horacio Ferrer. Maria de Buenos Aires is their greatest collaboration in which they used song, dance, melodrama and instrumental pieces. It reflects various stirring ironies which is one of the greatest elements of any successful epic operas. Maria de Buenos Aires is a universal story of love and betrayal, good and evil with an intensity of passion that perhaps only tango can convey, but also a story of tango it self, its death and re-born as a tango nuevo trough the main character Maria. 


Maria de Buenos Aires was made for the first time in finnish and it was translated by Siboné Oroza and directed by Ville Saukkonen. Premiere was 2008 at Sulatto festival in Karkkila. 


Ville Saukkonen Director 

Eeva-kaarina Vilke Maria

Mika Nikander Payador

Pekka Heikkinen Goblin 

Anne Koutonen Choreography, dance 

Esko Hakala Dance 

Sami Hiltunen Dance 

Johanna Juhola Music arrangement, accordion, claviola, toy grand piano 

Milla Viljamaa Music arrangement, grand piano, harmonium, rhodes 

Taina Relander Visual design 

Pasi Pehkonen Lights and video 

Hannu Oskala Sound