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The album Johanna Juhola: Diivan jäljet - Shadow of a Diva has received an amazing amount of reviews. I'm so happy about this and i want to share some quotes with you. Many of them are from Finnish and German magazines but there is also one from Sweden and one from Denmark. 


The Finnish music scene is not lacking in eccentrics. Even there, accordionist Johanna Juhola is considered an extremely colorful bird. She confirms that on her new album "Diivan Jäljet" (Shadow of a Diva).

Deutschlandfunk kultur 12.3.2018

This is excellent, nothing less. It is highly recommended.

Nils Thorlund, RootsZone 4.3.2018

Johanna Juhola is a confident accordion star who has created her own unique style. Despite shining the limelight on the accordion, her music portrays a strong vision beyond just one instrument.

Tove Djupsjöbacka, Finnish Music Quarterly 2018

Yes, there are also birds of paradise in Finland. In large numbers even and often female. One of the most colorful is certainly Johanna Juhola. Whenever we think of the Finnish accordionist, we inevitably have to smile. The name Juhola stands for unpredictability. There is only one constant on her albums and that is her fascinating, versatile and technically perfect accordion playing. It gives each piece of music its own personal touch. Whether yearning, zest for life, grief, pain, love, happiness, freshness, comfort - she can express it with her instrument.

Global Music Magazine 23.3.2018

A true free spirit..

Maz Online 13.3.2018

The music is fascinating and touches an unknown depth in the soul and causes goosebumps...Shadow of a Diva is an album that gives joy, energy and desire to new adventures.

Luise Rube, Lira World Music Magazine 2/2018

The opener "Road Assistance" is almost bursting with good humor… A veritable earworm is the last piece "New Adventure In Candyland", to which I just want to jump up and dance. 

Eure Mane / Female Music Network Melodiva

The songs of the album leave a strong visual impression. One believes the stories that the artist wants to tell and get grasped as soon as they reach the ear. The professional musician Juhola lets the childish joy of playing run wild. This is rousing and heartwarming. This album makes you happy, believe me and hear it yourself.

Karsten Rube, Folkworld March 2018

Juholas accordion playing technique is superior, without falling into empty showing off, her compositions and arrangements are open-minded and absolutely visionary.

Pekka Koskivaara, Retrokki, 15.1.2018

The innovative accordionist Johanna Juhola is one of those Finnish musicians who have been able to create something really original and recognizable…’Shadow of a Diva' is an entertaining, multifaceted album,  with guest artists, ranging from a rapper to a tango singer, adding further layers of intrigue.

Mari Koppinen, Helsingin Sanomat 2018

Besides jazz, Finnish new folk music is one of our best exports as we market our culture to the rest of the world. Johanna Juhola is clearly one of the best of the best.

Pentti Ronkanen, 2017

You can always trust Johanna Juhola: The album Shadow of a Diva from this magnificent and multifaceted artist  is once again a wonderful trip in the world of tango and modern folk music.

Paul Silfverberg, Kansanmusiikki 1/2018

Johanna is an innovative accordion music reformer praised by critics…On this album, Johanna has certainly managed to combine the 'groove' of folk music and the swirls of tango into a very individual  sonic world. The album also benefits from Juholas interesting anecdotes printed inside the CD cover!

Ole Nerdrum 2017, Huvudstadsbladet 2017

Road Assistance (music by Johanna Juhola) This tune is from the album 'Johanna Juhola: Diivan jäljet - Shadow of a Diva' that will be released 23.11.2017. Johanna Juhola, accordion Sara Puljula, double bass Milla Viljamaa, piano Tuomas Norvio, electronics Roope Aarnio, guitar The video was recorded at Indictus Studios in Helsinki, Finland 5th of October 2017.

Johanna Juhola playing Road Assistance at Cultural Centre Martinus in August 2017.

In august Johanna Juhola Trio filmed and recorded some tunes in Cultural House Martinus in Vantaa. Here is the first one. Four Minute Love Story. I hope you like it.

Compilation of Johanna Juhola & Imaginary Friends concert in December 2016. The tune list: Intro 1. Road Assistance 2. Tanhutrauma - Folk Dance Trauma, 3. Diivan jäljet - The Shadow of a Diva, 4. Sadepäivä - Rainy Day, 5. Tango kolmessa erässä - Three Rounds of Tango, 6. Valtatie 1 - Highway 1, 7. New Adventures in Candyland.

I added a tune called Mummot from Johanna Juhola & Imaginary Friends concert on Youtube. I hope you like it.
Next Imaginary Friends concert will be at Raahe Music Week on 21st of this month and after that we will perform in oulu 21.-22.3. Welcome!

The new teaser of Johanna Juhola & Imaginary Friends concert looks like this.

You can find all Johannas CD:s on the Holvi webshop. With or without the signature!

Dear accordionist!

Johanna Juhola: Downshifting - Solo tunes for standard and free bass accordion -music book can be found in Books on Demand . You can also buy it as a PDF-file on my Holvi webshop

The music book contains compositions for both standard and free bass accordions and some of them are easier, some need a bit more practising. 

You can find all the tunes on Johannas albums Miette, Fantasiatango and Fantasiatango 2 and Kraft: Max Höjd. Some of the tunes you can find on Johannas Youtube channel as solo accordion versions.